Sell More Products. Help More People. Earn More Profit. 

Discover the email campaigns that are helping e-commerce owners just like you earn more profit month after month.

What if you could earn 700-1000% more from your e-commerce business?

No, this isn't a growth hack. It's a simple fact that can drastically increase your profit margin. 

Here it is...

It costs up to 7 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

That means if all you're focusing on is new customers, you're probably neglecting your current customers. Customers that will start shopping somewhere else. 

Studies also show that a 10% increase in customer retention can translate to as much as an 80% increase in profitability.

They also state that a 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect on a business as decreasing costs by 10%. 

Starting to see the bigger picture?

Keeping your current customers happy should be BIG part of your marketing efforts. And by putting the right email sequences into place, most of it can be put on autopilot.

Oh, people don't buy with email?

They do with the kind of emails I write.

I  write emails that keep your customers buying over and over again so you can focus on getting new buyers without neglecting your current customers.


"Brice does a really nice job with all aspects of copywriting, a true talent in this industry."

"Very smart, very fast, at first you might think he is overpriced, but in reality, he is worth it. Cheap writers produce cheap results, this guy is worth every penny. 100% You should hire him. I have been through over 30 different writers and he is by far the most competent."

"Super helpful, super knowledgeable and easy to work with - did an audit on our previous e-mail campaigns and set up and absolutely nailed it! Hope to work with him again and no hesitation in recommending!"

"Awesome! Brice is super smart and is a fantastic writer. He could sell ice to an Eskimo, or water to a dolphin! Seriously wicked writing, you can't go wrong."

These Smart Companies Have Worked With Me


I’ve packaged my services into easy, fixed-price offers. Designed to give you what you need without the fluff. You can also reach out to our team to discuss a custom project.

The Email Kickoff — $599*

Copy that doesn't lead the reader to take action isn't doing its job. And If you’re losing money on that copy, you need to get rid of it -- fast.

And when you discover the magic words that convert your visitors are actually their own, then you don't want to wait.

It takes 2-3 weeks to get on my calendar and my project minimum is $6,000.

With the Email Kickoff, you can grab your VIP pass and get on my calendar instantly, at a fraction of the price. 

On top of that, you'll get recommended copy in 5 business days — guaranteed.

The Email Game Plan — $999*

Email marketing should make up 30-40% of your revenue, but you already know that. That's why you're here peeping my services.

Now, if you're not there, let's end that right now.

Sure, you could reach out to a few agencies.

Those are fun (I lived and breathed the agency life once upon a time).

You'll have too many calls that waste too much of your time only to get your sell-your kidneys "reasonable" quote that is insanely high for what they provide (because you're paying for their entire team, not just who you need or your emails).

Sure, you could do that.

Or, you could just click the button below.

And in the time it would have taken you to wait around for those strategy calls…

You can have your custom Email Game Plan with recommended sequences, messaging, and data-driven optimizations. 

In your hands in one week.

The Weekend Warrior — $2000*

If you're like most business owners, Saturday isn't a day for rest -- it's a day to work on the business so next week can be more profitable than last.

Whether it's tweaking your homepage, improving your product descriptions, or (my favorite) optimizing your email sequences, Saturday is a time to upgrade your business. And nothing can improve your bottom line faster than email.

Post-Purchase, Cart Abandonment, Winback, VIP, Hot List, Pre-Delivery, Bounce-Back, Promotional...

...they all mean one thing: emails.

But booking an email strategist and a copywriter and an eCommerce consultant and then trying to get them on the same page doesn’t seem realistic.

Or a good use of your time.

With the Weekend Warrior, we'll get together on a Saturday (for either a half-day or full-day) and tackle the most profitable sequences.

You'll be ready to tackle the new week armed with fresh, high-converting emails in your arsenal.


The eCommerce Conversion Playbook

Want to know the secret to making your product stand out?

Listen to your customers.

You see, they're not really buying your product. They're buying the experience that your product provides.

That means if you can ignite their imaginations, aggravate their anxieties,  elicit their emotions, and deepen their desires...

...your product stands out like a polished diamond among the endless sea of cheap products on Amazon.

Because let's face it, if you don't stand out -- if you don't connect with your customers on a higher level, you're just a quick search away from being forgotten.

Now, they won’t know how much better your product is — unless we show them.

By using your  customer's own language (remember...we're listening), they'll feel more connected to your brand and convert at a much higher rate.

There are plenty of gurus out there that will tell you that you just need a new tactic.  Or software. And they will do everything they can to look at the big, shiny thing they have in their corner.

But by diving deep into your voice-of-customer data, we’ll rise above the keyword-stuffed, copy-and-paste templates and build your brand’s custom eCommerce Conversion Playbook.

If this sounds like what you need, hit the big button below.

Custom projects start at $6,000.*

*Note: all prices are subject to change. We cannot guarantee any pricing you see now will be available at a later date.

Create More Repeat Buyers For Your eCommerce Business

I use eCommerce best practices, advanced email marketing strategy, and world-class customer service systems to build eCommerce brands that last.

Try out my Repeat Buyers Sequence to get started. It'll help create more repeat buyers and maximize sales to those who have already bought from you.

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