The Trane Method For Creating Customers For Life

A couple of years ago, my A/C went out in the middle of summer.

The house skyrocketed to 90+ degrees. I sent the wife and kids to a hotel and I decided I was going to fix it myself.

My dad was an HVAC pro for a while so I could naturally fix it too, right?

It didn’t take more than shocking the shit out of myself twice in 10 minutes to figure out I couldn’t do this alone.

So I decided to pull out my ole pal Google.

“My A/C shocks me but doesn’t cool”

“Air conditioning to blowing cold air”

“Does my AC transformer need replaced?”

If you could have seen my search history that day, you’d think I was some primitive chimp looking for the answer to life.

Anywho, in my frantic searches, I came across a Trane Supply website that had answers to several of my questions.

And after another half hour of shocks and blinding myself with my own sweat, I decided to give them a call.

And to my surprise, instead of selling me something, they recommended I try a few things first. This cycle went on for 4-5 phone calls before I finally discovered the problem.

By that point, there was only one place I’d go to buy the part I needed: Trane Supply.

And any HVAC product I’ve needed since then, I’ve gone to Trane Supply.

You see, so many online businesses are quick to offer the sale but not to help. And that’s part of why retention rates are so low.

Take Casper, a DTC mattress company, for example.

They built content around every possible issue that could result in needing a new bed.

Trouble sleeping at 2 AM?

Casper had an article for that (which had ads running to it in the middle of the night to maximize relevancy).

Body ache in the morning?

Casper had an article for that.

Soon, people started to see Casper as THE expert in mattresses.

Where do you think most of them went when they were ready to buy a mattress?

Look, I get it.

Creating content is not as fun and sexy as making a sale.

But if you want more than a one-time customer, you need to become their go-to source for information too.

Be more like Trane and create more lifelong customers.

All the best,

Brice Woodard

PS – A thermostat. The answer to my hours of pain and sweat was a $20 thermostat that took 5 minutes to change.

    Brice Woodard