The Amazon Method To 4x Your Sales

I’m a sucker for books on Amazon.

Call it retail therapy, call it self-improvement.

Either way, I’m addicted to buying books on Amazon.

And when I go to Amazon with the intention of buying a single book, they always hook me in for a couple more.


Because they know the secret to 4x-ing your sales.

See, the marketing genius, Jay Abraham, pointed out there were three ways to make more money in your business.

1. Get more customers

2. Get your customers to spend more at a time

3. Get your customers to buy more frequently

Amazon NAILS the second point.

Whenever you look at something, add it to a cart, even THINK about a product, Amazon is right there with recommended products…

Those who bought this overpriced coffee maker also bought…”

And they are spot on with what they recommend!

They do this because they understand that when a customer buys from you, they are more likely to buy multiple items if presented with the right offer.

I teach the business owners I consult for the same thing.

If you sell workout programs, present a diet plan before they checkout.

Sell car maintenance services? Upsell them to a full interior and exterior detail (I personally did this last week. It was amazing until my son threw up in the back seat).

The point is simple.

Give them more opportunities to buy from you.

Some won’t, but a lot will.

And that can 4x your sales in a hurry.

    Brice Woodard