How To Be A Miserable Business Owner

I recently had someone reach out to me on LinkedIn.

I’d never met this person but I’m always for making new connections. So I take a gander at the message and it’s a simple enough request –

“Follow me on Facebook and we can share each other’s content”.

And for some people on a few platforms, I might do that. But here’s the thing…​

I DESPISE Facebook. 

I spent so much time on the platform in my early marketing days that the very layout of the site brings me anxiety. But Mr. LinkedIn informs me that my customers are on there so I should be too.

Thanks Mr. LinkedIn, but no thanks.

Do I think he’s wrong? Nah. Most people are on Facebook. And I’m fully aware that marketing on Facebook will probably broaden my reach and attract new customers.

But is it worth my mental sanity?


The “experts” will tell you that you need to be on this platform and use these tools. That’s hogwash. Your customers hang out in more than one spot. So if you have something that brings you anxiety or makes you miserable, why continue to use it?

After all, being in business for yourself is supposed to be fun, right? If you’re tied to something that makes you miserable, it’ll start to permeate into other areas of your business and your life.

Am I saying Facebook is bad? For me, yeah. 

For you, I don’t know. That’s for you to decide. But if doing something in your business makes you miserable, stop immediately…unless you WANT to be a miserable business owner.

And when you learn how to tell stories like I teach in the S4 formula, you can reach your customers on any platform.

Brice Woodard

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    Brice Woodard