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Customers For Life

I’m a big fan of stories. (shocker)

I became an avid reader in my early teenage years when I discovered the “Goosebumps” series by R.L. Stine. 

Maybe I loved the stories, maybe I enjoyed the ongoing saga, I might have even considered myself “tough” because the big scary books didn’t spook me. 

Regardless, I’ve been hooked ever since. They’ve permeated most facets of my life including professionally.

And while I could go on and on about the benefits of stories, I continue to use them for one simple reason…

They create lifelong customers.

And regardless of whether you sell physical products, services, or even information, a customer won’t stick around for more than a year or two just for the product. 

There are just too many options out there. Too many new advances. Too much competition.

The best way to create customers for life is to create interest in you as an interesting person. 

“What’s going on in their life?”

“I wonder how their event went?”

” What happened after they did X?”

Your customers think about you. They care about you. And the more you let them into your life, the longer they’ll be in it.

If you’ve read my S4 formula, you know how easy it is to implement stories into your emails. And for your next email, I want you to use a story about something personal to you. 

It could be a strong belief you have, a tried-and-true way of doing things, or even something that happened to you last week. 

The key is to start to build parts of your own story that your customers will learn, love, and remember. And with that level of commitment, they’ll be customers for life.