Hi, I'm Brice Woodard

I help service businesses grow, scale, and exit 7 and 8-figure businesses with growth marketing and exit consulting.

Grow your platform company with proven marketing strategies and bolt-on acquisitions.

What I Do

I help service businesses grow, scale, and exit 7 and 8-figure businesses with bolt-on acquisitions and exit consulting.I'll help you avoid costly customer acquisition channels, painful hiring woes, and clever competition by acquiring already performing assets to your business and create unprecedented growth.

Why It Works

Scaling the old way is hard and it takes a long time. When you work with me, we'll identify key acquisitions that can help your agency scale faster than you thought possible.And when you're ready to sell, we'll make a plan to ensure you get a top-dollar offer for your exit.

What Makes Me Different

From your customers to teams, to logistics, to competitors, there is always room to streamline your business and improve your bottom line.In my 10+ years as a serial investor, I’ve worked with over 25 marketing agencies to acquire everything from FB groups and email lists to distribution centers and SaaS companies.

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What Others Say About me

Michael Dahdal, Owner, My Chi Journey

"Super helpful, super knowledgeable and easy to work with - did an audit on our strategy and absolutely nailed it! Hope to work with him again and no hesitation in recommending!"

What Others Say About me

John Nemo, CEO, Nemo Media Group

"Brice is a master. I love how he can put your vision into words and deliver high-quality, strategy. He constantly adds value, ideas and insights based on his vast experience - can't recommend him enough!"

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